Saturday, June 27, 2015

Is your Mattress Making you Sick? 5 Signs to Recognize

When we think of the quality of our sleep the majority of us are not to realize the negative aspect of sleeping on a mattress which fails to give you the combination of support and comfort that our body needs.

A mattress which has broken down as well as has to be replaced can actually make you sick in numerous ways. Here are 5 ways you can recognize that your mattress making you sick:
    1. Weakens your backbone. Whenever our mattress doesn't push our hips up into appropriate alignment we slump while sleeping. This kind of positions can cause strain on our back muscles because they try to keep our spinal column up. This strain causes daytime back pain along with an overall weakening of our spine.
    2. Causes long-term muscle pain. Many people awaken with muscle pain. Whenever a mattress doesn't relieve pressure points it causes muscle pain and it's this kind of pain which wakes us up earlier that is usually desired.
    3. Cuts off the blood circulation of our skin. These types of strain actually cut off blood circulation and oxygen to our skin. Our central nervous system senses this and sends a signal to move.
    4. Traps allergens and bacteria. An unprotected mattress turns into a container for moisture that we lose while sleeping, dead skin and allergens which our domestic pets or kids bring in from outside the house. It's predicted that a mattress may increase in weight over 5 years from these kinds of materials and bacteria, becoming an allergy pit that usually induces snoring and other breathing problems.
    5. Leads to serious illness. The latest research have showed that sleeping problem is growing disease stats in the US including: stroke, obesity, diabetes and many of the autoimmune disorders.
It’s reported that we are sleeping 30% less than our parents did and that over 100 million people complain of having trouble sleeping and getting the kind of restful sleep that they desire. Click here for more research on these topics.

4 Ways to Avoid Harmful Bedding

  • While buying a mattress, ask your supplier if it's organic. Ask what kinds of chemical compounds or flame retardants are used inside of the mattress.

  • Replace your toxic mattress with an organic mattress, particularly if you have the weak immune system, cancer, hormonal imbalance or chronic pain.

  • If you can't buy a mattress because of budget problem, try a mattress topper instead. A few inches of distance between you and the harmful mattress can actually make a difference.

  • Choose organic sheets and pillows because your face is in direct connection with your pillows or your mattress for all night long.
 Having safe and sound bedding is equally as essential what you consume.