Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to Set Up Mattress Topper Cover

A mattress topper cover extend the life time of a topper. You have to know how to care a mattress and a mattress topper because they are expensive to buy. So, learn how to set up a mattress topper zipper cover properly:

  1. At first cut the plastic wrapping and remove compressed mattress topper. Be careful with sharp objects for your own safety and avoid cutting the memory foam.
  2. Carefully unroll the topper to lay flat, allowing it to recover naturally. Do not place near high heat or open flame.
  3. Unzip and spread the fabric cover over your mattress.
  4. Carefully place the fully recovered memory foam topper inside the open cover.
  5. Affix the corners and zip the cover closed, fully encasing the foam topper.
  6.  Pull the skirt over the sides of mattress.
Extra Tip:
  1. Sometimes you could get a chemical smell from your new foam mattress toppers. Just airing out your topper if don’t go then wait couple of days or weeks to dissipate this smell.
  2. Usually new product packed very tightly so after unwrap the topper and allow around 48 hours for this to return to its own shape.
  3. Sometimes topper dimensions may be a little smaller than your mattress dimensions so make sure it tight fit.
  4. Hire mattress cleaning service, if you are not comfortable with cleaning your mattress yourself,
Now you are get ready to comfortable sleep on your bed.